I remember when my kids were little how hard it was just getting us all ready for the photo shoot only to end up with my kids crying and fussing, my husband totally uncomfortable and counting the second till we left, and me trying to hold them all together for the next 20 minutes.

Looking back the whole experience was miserable, stressful, and I dread doing it again the following year. I don’t want that for my clients and I certainly don’t want it for me, that’s just no fun at all.

So my approach is more relaxed. I will wait for your child to feel comfortable with me, and the process. I will talk to you and we will laugh and connect before I even start shooting. I promise that I wont take up all your time but I wont rush you at all. I promise that we will connect and create a memorable day for you and your family. I love capturing the moments when your laughing and looking at each other with love. And I promise you will look forward to coming back to do more photos with me.