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exclusively for our clients.

We listen and put together a

collection that works for best for you.

Unique Collection for our Unique Clients


most of our clients spend an average price $5000

 Please contact us to go over your needs 


Our "Wedding Collections"  may include:

Two photographers, beautifully custom designed "made in Italy" coffee table album, personalized on-line viewing, digital images on a flash drive with a custom box, engagement session professional creative editing/designs, personal wedding web site, digital apps to share your photos with friends and family.

We also offer Artistic Prints, Canvas Gallery Wraps, Prints on wood or burlap, and so much more. You’ll have to come in and see it for yourself.


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"AFTER GLOW SESSION" is a Post-Wedding Posed Session - The day of the wedding, posed photos of just the bride and groom is usually limited to 20 -30 minutes in-between the ceremony and the rush to get to the reception. Our " AFTER GLOW SESSION” is more relaxed and a lot more fun with two hours at the location of your choosing, after your wedding date, in your wedding dress and tux. We get those artistic, romantic images that you have always dreamed about and you will have more time to enjoy your guests on your wedding day. click her to see 


"BRIDAL SESSION" - Same concept as the Post Wedding Couples Session only it's all about the BRIDE! Schedule it the day you get your trial make-up and hair done and we spend two hours at the location of your choice before your wedding day.


"BOUDOIR" - is an intimate session for his eyes-only. Add a small book to give him on your wedding night or just before he walks down the isle as a preview of things to come.


"TRASH the DRESS" - Don't worry it's not as scary as it sounds.


Each Session is up to 2 hours, Local area, with all final digital images on a flash drive.

Please see Book a Session under STORE tab for FAMILY, SENIOR, MATERNITY and OTHER SESSIONS

More about After Glow Sessions

“We want to get married at our church, but it’s not very pretty and we’re afraid we’re going to miss out on having great photos.”

“We want awesome shots of us as a couple, but we also don’t want to miss out on spending time with our family and friends on our wedding day.”

“We are on a tight budget so we’re having a friend take photos on our wedding day, but we really want to have a professional take the most important shots – the romantic and artistic ones of us as a couple.”


The answer: After Glow Session!


An After Glow session is a portrait session of a couple in their bridal attire on a day other than their wedding day. These types of sessions can take place before or after the wedding. The concept may be a little untraditional, but it can also be the perfect solution for couples struggling with how photography will play a role in their big day. In addition to that, we LOVE to shoot them! We decided that rather than have us tell you how awesome After Glow sessions are; we’d have some of our past clients do it for us! We sent a little survey to three of our awesome couples and here’s what they had to say about their experience . . .

Why did you choose an After Glow session?


 Jordan & Alex: We choose the After Glow session for two reasons: we wanted to get some great photos of Alex and I in our wedding attire and secondly, we wanted our wedding day to just be about our love and being in the moment with friends and family. The bridal session enabled us to get amazing wedding photos with many different poses and backdrops without worrying about taking time away from the activities on our actual wedding day. I even got to change up my flowers and veils to get some different looks. It was so much fun. On our wedding day we had no idea when photos were being taken, we were simply in the moment. I think that’s the way it should be!

Amber & Paul: We chose an After Glow session for many reasons, to allow us to have a variety of backdrops for our wedding photos, we wanted to have the time to capture some of those amazing romantic and artistic images that Rosanna does so well and we knew that there wouldn’t be enough time and the lighting would be different at our venue, and Paul really wanted to be part of the cocktail hour on our wedding day with our family and friends. After all, you pay for the wedding you should be there to enjoy it, right?

Brianna & Sean: We decided to do an After Glow session to eliminate stress and pressure from the day of our wedding. I wanted our photo session to be a personal, intimate time as a couple that did not have the pressure of time and schedule. We also had the chance to use a unique location for our bridal session other than our actual wedding venue. In addition, taking photos on the day of the wedding keeps your guests waiting around and getting impatient so we wanted to minimize that too.



How did you choose the location for your session?


Jordan & Alex: We choose a park for our bridal session because that’s where Alex proposed!

Amber & Paul: Our location was a suggestion by Rosanna. She asked us to meet with her and we talked about everything and she had some great ideas for locations that fit our personalities

Brianna & Sean: We were very conflicted on what type of location we wanted for our bridal session. Sean wanted an intimate location well known to us. I wanted a picturesque location with a lot of background options so we choose my parents backyard and we even got in the pool with our clothes on! It was so fun and my parents were so happy about it.


Would you recommend this type of session to another couple?

Jordan & Alex: I would highly recommend an After Glow session to other couples. Actually, my advice would be that it’s mandatory. The bridal session decreases stress and increases happiness on your big day!

Amber & Paul: Absolutely! By doing a bridal session, we were able to have multiple locations outside of our wedding location. We were also able to have personal intimate time on a relaxed schedule taking away the pressure of our wedding day. We have photos of intimate moments and photos that capture how we interact over just posed shots.

Brianna & Sean: In talking to my married friends, many regret that they rushed their photos in order to get to their reception. The number of photos or the lack of variety disappointed most of them. By choosing a bridal session we didn’t have to sacrifice the number or quality of the photos. The bridal session allowed us to have fun and not worry about people watching us take romantic photos AND experience our entire wedding reception. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.